Track changes / comments

In our small research group we are sick and tired of exchanging word documents - seems like we are living in the last century…
We are considering to switch to but there are some simple suggestions we have so the system becomes actually usable within a research group:

  1. Integration of Comments
  2. Integration of track changes
  3. Proper import from LaTeX and Word including Figures (LaTeX import doesn’t support figures as far as we tested)

This would be a big help and I am sure if this is done in a good way the scientific community will acknowledged this beautiful tool.

Commenting and highlighting is there and we are going to make a number of improvements to it, tracked in this issue:

Change tracking is also in the works, we are going to first introduce a document history view allowing for historical document comparisons and reverting to older versions, and then as a subsequent step also adding change tracking (or suggested edits). Work is underway but it will still take us some time to complete.

Re: the LaTeX / figure importing issue, could you send us example LaTeX documents where figures fail to import? The LaTeX importer is based on Pandoc so anything that is supported there should work, and vice versa (no figure specific Manuscripts magic exists in our code beyond what Pandoc does).

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I want to give a try for my next collaborative papers. A change tracking / version history control would be very helpful. Can you already see when these could be introduced?