Seciton headings without numbers, citation sequence, and more

Probably I missed it somewhere, but I find it quite difficult to handle the following issues.

  1. Section headings without numbers
    I failed to find a way to add a section heading without a number ahead of it. I need this kind of headings for the abstract, acknowledgments, and conflict of interest section.

  2. Citation sequence
    When multiple citations are added at the same location, I prefer to manage the sequence of the citations by simply dragging them. It appears that the only way to do it now is by deleting and adding the citations again.
    In addition, the same citation can be added multiple times at the same location, generating a weird format. When you delete the duplicated cited items, the original item is deleted as well. I wish the system could identify and prevent this issue.

  3. Notion-like block management
    As paragraphs in Manuscripts are manipulated in blocks, I wish to drag the blocks to rearrange the sequence like in Notion, RoamResearch, or Dynalists. Compared to copy and paste, dragging is much easier.

  4. Preview before export
    A preview of the document will be very useful. Currently, I have to export the PDF file again and again to check the format.

I’ve had that problem, too:

I only found a way to change it globally by pulling out the right sidebar (with the ‘i’ button), then go to ‘Style’ and change the ‘Section Heading Styles’ ‘Numbering’…