Open Source release plan has been built in a highly modular manner. We’ve done this following good engineering practices, but also because we intend to release the source code to the system as readily reusable open source components.

Openly available components

  • @manuscripts/json-schema: a JSON schema that describes the data format that gets validated (data that does not meet this schema is neer saved). Presently available as an NPM package at @manuscripts/json-schema. Source code to be released separately imminently (@alf working on it).

Components pending an Open Source release

  • @manuscripts/workspace: the user interface “shell” through which you use to log into, log out from, access your projects.
  • @manuscripts/mac: the native macOS based desktop application available at (its 2.0 development will be done out in the open).
  • @manuscripts/manuscript-editor: a ProseMirror based HTML content editor that follows the schema defined by the @manuscripts/json-schema module.
  • @manuscripts/title-editor: an editor manuscript titles + bibliography item metadata title editing.
  • @manuscripts/comment-editor: an editor for the commenting system.
  • @manuscripts/pressroom a web service for document import / export.
  • @manuscripts/sync: a library that builds up the collaborative data synchronization rules.
  • @manuscripts/api-server: a web service that handles authenticating users, access control to projects, collaboration invitations etc connectivity between the users.

Open sourcing plan

We intend to keep issue tracking on GitLab even after GitHub mirroring, but remains to be seen whether that is a workable idea.