Roadmap is a collaborative writing platform for research documents. We want to provide a beautiful writing experience for complex documents. We intend to offer both native desktop, and web based access to your documents, both offline capable and versioned.

As part of the project to create this platform we also intend to create also a host of reusable building blocks useful for other software projects.

We have built the system with an “open source by default” mentality: unless there is a reason to keep something under the wraps (for example some internal server deployment workflows), we will make it open.

Current status

We have now begun to open our development processes. We are not yet at the mythical 1.0, but we are working towards it iteratively. In brief, we are…

  • Gathering + addressing early stage feedback of the new collaborative editing experience at
  • Developing missing 1.0 features (see below for more detail).
  • Cleaning up the various modules that make up for open source release (see below for more detail).

Target feature set for 1.0 1.0 will be claimed when we have accomplished the following:

  1. Fully compatibility with the Manuscripts 1.x for Mac file format.
  2. Collaborative editing workflow (with continued offline support).
  3. Open source code release + open development process.

The more detailed feature set is listed over here: Manuscripts 1.0: target feature set

Open Source release plan has been built in a highly modular manner. We’ve done this following good engineering practices, but also because we intend to release the source code to the system as readily reusable open source components.

We will open the source code up component by component. See the Open Source plan for more detail

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