Nov 18th 2019 (v1.0.4)

This week’s bug fixes and improvements

  • Use the selected citation style when exporting a manuscript.
    • Note: for existing manuscripts, select the citation style again in the Styles tab of the inspector panel before exporting.
  • Prevent the accidental creation of multiple bibliographies.
  • Improve handling of syncing when switching between projects.
  • Communicate “signed out” status to all tabs when working in multiple tabs.
  • Display more information in notifications when there’s a syncing problem.
  • Update the manuscript metadata more often while editing, so it always reflects changes.
  • Reduce the size of emojis in Latest Updates posts.
  • Ensure that the login page is responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Prevent an unwanted horizontal scrollbar from appearing, which was causing flickering.
  • Add diagnostics pages that show version information and allow a project’s data to be exported as JSON for troubleshooting.