Nov 11th 2019 (v1.0.3)

News has received the “most innovative” audience pick award at this year’s Charleston Library Conference :tada:

Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received! We intend to continue to make available regular weekly updates based on it, and are making great progress also with Manuscripts for Mac 2.0, with more info on that coming up soon.

This week’s bug fixes and improvements

  • Add new, larger buttons for toggling the outline and inspector panels.
  • Add AMS math extension support when editing equations (e.g. matrices).
  • Improve handling of syncing when working in multiple tabs.
  • Fix the “Sign in again” notification link.
  • Improve scrolling when editing a large author list, or a large list of affiliations for an author.
  • Display a clearer message for unsupported file types.
  • Fix the topic choice dropdown in the “Add manuscript to project” template selection screen.
  • Apply styles so that equations in figure captions are correctly displayed inline.

Release notes for v1.0.3 can also be found in the Manuscripts source code repository.

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