1.0: target feature set

Target feature set for 1.0

We intend to release 1.0 publicly when we have accomplished the following:

  1. Full compatibility with the Manuscripts 1.x for Mac file format.
  2. Collaborative editing workflow (with continued offline support).
  3. Open source code release + open development process.

In detail, the feature set breaks down to the following:

Edit content

  • Format citations and bibliography automatically.
  • Cross-references.
  • Footnotes, endnotes.
  • Multi-panel figures.
  • Tables.
  • Equations and inline math.
  • Syntax highlighted code snippets.
  • Menu and keyboard shortcuts for most actions.

Import and export

  • Import Markdown, Word, LaTeX formats (+ others) using web service.
  • Export Markdown, Word, LaTeX, PDF formats.

Reference management

  • Search for citations directly from reference metadata databases (CrossRef, PubMed, Datacite at 1.0).
  • Reference library view (view of all references inserted in document or available for citing).


  • Styles associated with paragraph types, figures, tables, equations.
  • Choose citation from amongst 8,000 citation styles.
  • Project templates that bundle together a set of styles and content requirements.


  • Annotate paragraphs, figures, tables, equations, code listings and citations.
  • Include quotes in annotation comments.
  • Mention keywords with #hashtags in annotation contents.
  • Mention contributors with @mentions in annotation contents.


  • Outline: navigate, manipulate document structure using an outline view of it.
  • Smart gutter: shortcut actions for fast access to key editor features.


  • Accounts: sign up, login, logout, forgot password, delete account.
  • Sign up using external identity: Google, ORCiD over OAuth2.
  • Share document using links (readwrite / read-only).
  • Invite, uninvite, manage roles of collaborators.
  • Offline editing experience in the browser.
  • Collaboratively format an author list: describe contributions, order, metadata about them.