What’s new

  • A new design for the login page.
  • Include author names in library search.

Bug fixes

  • Upgrade astrocite to add DOIs and URLs to BibTeX import.
  • Improve the database error message to account for Firefox’s Private Browsing.
  • Fix “Sign in to try again” notification link.
  • Fix alignment of buttons in sidebar headings.
  • Validate link URLs (ignore javascript: URLs when rendering the link).
  • Ensure the equation editing popover is closed when an equation is deleted.
  • Update the application menu and gutter menu styles.
  • Improve importing .manuproj files.
  • Improve importing hyperlinks.
  • Improve export of figures to JATS when they’re empty.

Release notes for v1.0.1 can also be found in the Manuscripts source code repository.