download url not work download url not work

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The same thing happened to me! Could anybody fix this problem?

Don’t bother using it. I requested a link and got one.
Used it for a few hours and then it deleted an entire section of work.

Then I tried the web version. After a few weeks it won’t export my project.

I have lost so much work trying to use these apps. As beautiful and feature rich as they are, the developers are not interested in making them safe to use. They don’t respond to posts here, nor do they add features that they advertise in their website - no footnotes still!

It’s highly irresponsible to offer such a buggy product to people doing work that’s important to them. Especially knowing that you won’t get around to fixing critical issues, nor will you respond to your own ‘community’ forums.

I found this link on Slack. it worked for me


thanks! It does work.