Limitations to is a fantastic initiative, yet, Is there a limit on the size of the dissertation?
E.g., issues, (i) synchronising fails, (ii) there’s lag, (iii) equation doesn’t work (iv) unable to insert figures, etc. Resulting in the loss of work.

Would it be fair to say, that perhaps “” limitation is ~400 pages?

Would like some guidance please. Thanks

Hi there! If you’re seeing “synchronization failed” messages, that sounds it’s more likely a result of some specific content in the document that we’re failing to sync that just happened to make it there after you went past a certain size. I’ve logged us an issue to improve error presentation in that case (see

There are definitely performance improvements still necessary to improve performance with very large documents. I’ve logged an issue to track that over here:

Thanks for logging as an issue and the feedback.

Perhaps, I’ll finish this chapter, see how it goes, the additional content are just plots and equations, which really shouldn’t be an issue.

Fingers crossed it’ll be OK, it maybe something simple, like just an issue with caching.

Hi @andrewdeece,

Although ultimately it’s the speed of the computer running the application that determines the length of manuscript that can be edited, there are definitely still some optimisations to be made to speed things up. If you feel you can share your manuscript, emailing it to would allow us to use it for profiling a real-world document to find out where the bottlenecks in processing are.

One thing you can do already is to make sure the right-hand inspector pane is closed while editing, as calculating the word and character counts can be quite intensive.

I suspect that support for large documents may come via a mechanism for treating each chapter as a separate manuscript, then stitching the chapters together for exporting.