Impressions on the platform, issues with title and author list formatting and citation style

Hi there,

I find the platform a fascinating initiative, but after starting the composition of a manuscript, a few issues have emerged for me.

First, I see no option for formatting the title and author list. When exporting, it is formatted with the same centered, blue text for the title, and the centered, column-like list of authors, which is inappropriate for most life sciences journals where I publish. It would be good to have options for setting the title and author list format.
Another thing is that several journals prescribe numbered sections mixed with unnumbered parts of the manuscript.

When editing the text, there is no option to insert special (e. g. greek) characters, which should be a very basic feature in any word processor.

Regarding citations, it is fantastic that literally ANY reference and formatting can be searched and pasted within seconds. But in my case, it seems that the formatting for the target journal (Infection, Genetics and Evolution) seems to be outdated or outright wrong, as the journal prescribes abbreviated journal names, however, they do not appear as abbreviated in this platform.

All in all, if these small disturbing bugs are addressed, the usability of the platform would be greatly enhanced.

Keep up the good work!

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