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Intuitively I’m not sure whether having ‘project’ as a higher hierarchy level than ‘manuscript’ is much needed (but also doesn’t hurt much); is this meant for e.g. the main manuscript and then a supplementary file etc. to be ordered under the same project?

I can see how the “project” concept wouldn’t make much sense yet as there’s not much there there yet. There’s quite a lot more that we intend to add on this front on our roadmap though. Please let us know if you disagree with any of the below, or have alternative ideas!

We intend to in the short term…

  • Add a “cover letter”, “notes”, maybe also “submission checklist” manuscripts to the project when creating a project using a template (template choice of course is not yet there).
  • On re-formatting a manuscript (when creating a duplicate with a different template), keeping the old copy of the manuscript around and creating a new one in the same project. You might want to for example copy and paste between the old and the new regularly for example once your content becomes changing.

A bit later we also intend to add more full-on project management features in there:

  • Assign manuscripts or their parts to different authors.
  • Assign deadlines to manuscripts or their parts.
  • Label manuscripts or their parts with keywords.
  • Assign progress (status) levels to manuscripts or their parts.

The below screen is by no means a finalised design, but this is roughly what we have in mind on this topic:

All of that sounds very promising and makes the project level indeed very useful!

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