Hiding code in exported version

I try exporting to microsoft word and pdf.

Error message says unable to IMPORT the manuscript. Contact manuscript support.

It’s strange that it says IMPORT as opposed to EXPORT.

I am able to export to html.

It would however be very useful to have the option to hide the code in the exported version. I have used Jupiter and google colab and that is one of the features keeping me from making nice documents to submit to research journals. Articles are not generally submitted with code, only usually as a supplement.

The export issue is being tracked as https://gitlab.com/mpapp-private/manuscripts-frontend/issues/707

Agreed, they should indeed be exported just as regular figures without the code when Word or PDF is concerned.

Would you mind us sharing this post publicly? Others may also wish to weigh in regarding the dynamic figure export feature.

@koojoobee: the export issue you reported should hopefully be fixed now. Figures drawn from code should look like regular figures in the export formats.