Future plan - Authorea?

Hi, can somebody comment on the future plans for this app? How does it relate to Authorea.com?

I understand both Authorea and manuscripts are from Atypon LLC (Wiley). Both apps serve similar needs, so is there a plan to combine both apps? Or is it too different from the technical side?

I find manuscripts easier to write and format. But when it comes to submitting, I’ll need to export the text in LaTex and paste it into Authorea or Overleaf since manuscripts.io does not have the export option of a specific journal style.

  • What do you like about it?
    no-lag writing with equations, export options to markdown (for blogs)
    more freedom compared to Authorea (manuscripts are not necessarily research papers, can be just a collection of ideas and notes), unlimited number of manuscripts
  • What’s missing?
    Support for Latex output style like Authorea
  • What’s confusing?
    Minor: sometimes the backspace button does not delete the blank paragraph