Export does not work

I’m coming from Authorea and would like to use Manuscripts.io for our next collaboratively written research manuscript.
I’ve started a document and would like to see how it looks (and be able to send to the co-authors with an invitation to collaborate).
Unfortunately, a PDF export of the manuscript does not work; I just get the message that ‘There was an error exporting the manuscript’. Contacting support with the chat bubble does not help, i.e. I have not heard anything for a week :wink:
Exporting the manuscript as Word or Markdown file works, but I’d heavily prefer if an export to PDF works, too.
The manuscript is private, but I’m happy to share a link with support humans so you can look at it in detail.

I got a direct reply from @aeaton fronm the Manuscripts-Team (Thanks BTW!).
It boiled down to an accented letter (é) in the bibliography. They are aware of the problem and hope to fix it eventually.
It helped to edit the ‘offending’ bibliography item in the meantime and the document exports fine now.

The problem is there again. Me and collaborators have a manuscript that is ready for submission, but the only way we get it out of manuscripts.io is with the HTML export.
This is rather burdensome.

Same thing here. I don’t even have any citations with an accented e, as far as I can tell.

Had to copy and paste my work elsewhere, and redo all my citations.

This app is not worth using on any projects of value

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