Error exporting to PDF

What isn’t working for you?

When trying to export to PDF it warns me:
“Export error. There was an error exporting the manuscript. Please contact if this persists.”

I’ve been playing around to guess the reason of the problem but I didn’t find it. At the beginning I thought it was because of copy/pasting from an external pdf, because removing the pasted text solved the problem and it didn’t appear until I had pasted something again. But now the problem doesn’t get solved deleting that pasted text.

It only happens when exporting to PDF.

Could you send a Manuscripts Archive export of the document that’s failing to import to and, please? You can get that export via Project > Export > Manuscripts Archive.

Of course, here it is TitlePaper.manuproj (38.5 KB)

I second that. I am getting an error whenever I try to export a project to PDF.
This is the error prompt:
“There was an error exporting the manuscript. Please contact if this persists.”

However, I have no problem exporting the project to MS Word.

Don’t know if this could help but when exporting to LaTeX, I had to install the following packages: tabu, varwidth, textgreek, babel-greek, greek-fontenc and cbfonts.

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@braantela good point, you can indeed go via exporting to LaTeX, then exporting from that to PDF, with those packages needing to be installed in local LaTeX installation. We’ll look into what the problem with the serverside PDF generation is.

I was able to overcome this error by removing the Greek symbols (such as 𝜃). Instead, I used the inline LaTeX equation option.

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Thanks for the heads-up – we’re looking into these. We do a fair amount of jiggery-pokery to map Greek symbols between Unicode characters and LaTeX, we’ll be sure to add more tests as we fix whatever is causing this.


I am the developer working on the import/export functionality of Pressroom (the import/export component of

It seems currently, we’re only handling certain variants of greek characters (when they aren’t as part of a LaTeX inline equation as you’ve already noted). A workaround that you might find favourable to the inline equation method is to use the “regular” variant of these characters in the meantime until I have deployed a fix.

I have opened a ticket to track progress on fixing this issue here:


I am getting the same error. I don’t have any Greek characters. I can’t export to PDF nor to Word. I tried the desktop Chrome app and then within the Chrome Browser. Nothing works

@rvdparis please do share us the project in question, we’ll look into it as soon as we can.

I’m also getting the same. I’m busy transferring (copy/paste) sections from a draft in Word to Manuscripts. The Word draft have references in from Mendeley. I’m on Mac.

My idea is to do my second draft in Manuscripts and to replace the Mendeley references one-by-one in Manuscripts.

I mostly work off-line and only plan to sync on-line at the end of the days work.

Attached is what I started with and can’t continue with until I know I can export. I also can’t import this file again as it gives a similar error.

Edit: I couldn’t upload the document as a new user. I’ll send it to the error email adress.

Hello all,
I had the same problem. As it turned out this can happen if you have a citation in your text that you have erased in your library. So if say you quote “Miller,2010” in your text but then you erase that citation/source from your library (e.g. its a duplicate) then Manuscripts can no longer export your document.
Maybe that helps?

Anyone has issues with exporting to PDF and all the commas go missing? Quite annoying :frowning:

Yes, me too. At least back when I was able to export, now I also have the problem of not being able to export my thesis at all…