Edit conflict resolving between co-authors, improved email notifications + more

This week we focused on Manuscripts for Mac data compatibility and collaborative editing:

  • You can now resolve conflicts when editing collaboratively with co-authors.
  • Email notifications are now sent for owners of a project when a new collaborator accepts an invitation.
  • Validation of Manuscripts.io compatibility with the Manuscripts for Mac file format is now much closer to complete.
  • Clearer error messages are shown when a part of a project fails to synchronise to your device.
  • Google authentication now works more reliably.
  • Logout is smoother: a certain authentication cookie is now cleared that would previously lead to hiccups during subsequent login times.
  • Clearer errors are presented when synchronisation issues are encountered when editing.

A whole host of less visible bug fixes and editor UI improvements have also landed.

We also successfully tested our disaster recovery mechanism procedures by successfully recreating this test environment from a backup. During any service downtime, edits you make to your projects are not lost even with the web browser based app, but will be synchronised back to Manuscripts.io servers when service comes back up (you might not even notice anything out of the ordinary if you are using the system at the time, unless you try to invite collaborators or take other actions that require ability to connect to the Manuscripts.io servers).