Dynamic figures with plain text output

I am trying to use sympy on manuscripts.io. I am running the following code and I get modulenotfounderror. I ran this code locally through my terminal and the Jupiter notebook and it works perfectly. Hoping you can help.

from sympy import *
from sympy.physics.quantum.state import Ket, Bra
epsa,epsb=symbols(“epsilon_a epsilon_b”)

H1a = epsa*Ket(‘a’)Bra(‘a’)+epsbKet(‘b’)*Bra(‘b’) ; print("$${} = {}$$".format(‘H_{QD}’,latex(H1a)))

Output says “ModuleNotFoundError : No module names sympy.”

Thanks for reporting that! We’ve set up sympy on the system now. However, there is still another issue we need to sort out before this will work correctly, which is that whilst sympy dependent code executes, we expect that the code will draw a figure (instead of plain text).


Dealing with this is on our todo, but it may take a moment still to get to it. You can find the issue I’ve filed for this over here: https://gitlab.com/mpapp-public/manuscripts-manuscript-editor/issues/154