Copy / paste adds an empty paragraph (resolved)

I began testing the new just today and it looks amazing, thanks for the great work you’re doing! I just found a bug I thought I should report, when I try to copy and paste a paragraph from (but not from other apps) it creates an empty paragraph on top of the pasted one, and the one I paste appears on the editor but it doesn’t appear on the document outline and it doesn’t get saved.


Thanks for the kind feedback, and for contributing to Manuscripts with your early testing effort! We’ll look into this asap.

@niseto thanks again for reporting this – @alf fixed these two bugs earlier today: no empty paragraph will pop up anymore, and the copied & pasted data gets saved. These fixes have been deployed at .

Just to note also, there’ll be many copy & paste scenarios still to handle, but the new editor component we’re using makes addressing these cases one by one a lot easier than how the the Manuscripts 1.x for Mac editor works.

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Yes, thanks for the report @niseto - this should be working now.

Copying and pasting from is one source we’ll need to cover extensively, and it’ll also be useful to support pasting content in from other editors (Word, Google Docs, etc), so if you find other types of content that aren’t being parsed as you’d expect, please do let us know.

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