Bypass reference library when citing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could directly search on Pubmed/your preferred search engine when inserting citations rather than first having to insert them into your own library?


Yes, this is indeed in our plans. Here’s a rough idea of the design we have in mind (as you’ll have noticed, the design for the library feature is overall not quite finished yet):

As you can see, we also intend to add more search sources in.


In regards to the library design, it would be useful to display:

  • the name of the Journal;
  • the name of the first three authors

Agreed on the source (journal / book etc), this is an omission in the design. Also we’ll put the 2nd author if there’s 2 authors, but would you not be OK with just Foo et al (x) otherwise? This is pretty common in reference managers.

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Great, thanks! Yes, it would be OK

The journal name should now be available there :slight_smile: