Add page numbers to citations


it is great that one can now suppress the author/s or year when adding a citation. But what is still missing is the opportunity to add page numbers of quotes. What I need (an nearly everyone who studies anything in humanities) is the opportunity to make citations such as:

Miller (2000) states that “Blablablabla” (p.23) or Miller states that “Blablabla” (2000, p.23)

As soon as this feature is available I guess many more people will find Manuscripts very usable :slight_smile:


Thanks @chrismoerken! Yep, this is on our todo, tracked as Issue #30: Page number modifiers to citations on our public issue tracker. I can’t really give an exact deadline for it, but as with the author / year suppression that now is indeed there, we’re aware of it being an important need in specific disciplines so we’ll for sure add it.